Hand-on Test-Driven Development Book

My new book Hand-on Test-Driven Development Book has been published: https://tddbook.com/.

Hand-on Test-Driven Development Book

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Source code: https://github.com/gdonald/Hands-On-Test-Driven-Development.

I wrote my book to teach the practice of test-driven development (TDD) with RSpec, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails by guiding readers through building a complete blog application from start to finish. I wanted to address the common challenge faced by software engineers: the difficulty in visualizing and practicing writing failing tests before implementing the code. I offer practical guidance on using RSpec, the latest techniques in writing RSpec tests, and integrating RSpec with tools like Capybara and FactoryBot. I designed my book to give readers confidence in TDD and to ensure they're fully equipped to deploy fully tested Ruby on Rails web applications into production.

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